A Cinderella Story

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of Cinderella. In the classic version the title character, after losing her father becomes a servant for both her stepmother and stepsisters. When the King invites all eligible maidens to go to the ball where his son will pick a bride Cinderella is forbidden to go. With the help from an unexpected fairy godmother nothing is impossible. Growing up I saw many different versions of this fairytale come to life and it’s a story I’ve come to love. I decided to create a modern version of what I think Cinderella would look like in this day and age while keeping elements from the original Disney version. This includes the blue dress she wore and black chocker around her neck. Pumpkins surround Cinderella because in the story her fairy godmother turns them into the chariot that takes her to and from the Prince’s ball. This photograph is meant to show the moment where she’s beginning to transform into a princess for the night. It’s the part of the story that teaches you to believe and it is important to remember that sometimes the good things come suddenly without warning.


A Painted Picture

One of my first year assignments was to make a mixed media portrait of another person in the class. Meet Morgan, my amazing friend who loves going to concerts and many at that. The idea behind this piece of work … Continue reading

Still Life Photographs

I’ve had a lot of school projects lately so i’ve been working in the studio a fair amount. I’ll be posting all my 4×5 photographs sometime at the end of this month or early March. However, these are from two different still life assignments. The first had to have either a flower or fruits and vegetables. The second could be anything. Oh, and i’ve recently joined 500px so you can follow me there by clicking here.



Rineke Dijkstra

For one of my photography classes, every two weeks we need to submit 1-3 photographs that we’ve taken that have been inspired by a specific photographer. The first was Rineke Dijkstra. A fair amount of her pictures are taken in front of a blank or very limited background so there’s no distractions. I also took into consideration how all of her subjects are natural,  they don’t show a lot of expression and are very simplistic. However, unlike Rineke I shot the subject from above whereas Rineke shoots hers from below. That’s how I approached the project. You can check out some of Rineke Dijkstra’s work here.




Working in Studio

As many of you know i’m currently attending University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. This past weekend I got in the studio for the first time as I shot one of my best friends Emma. She’s absolutely gorgeous and i’m so thankful that she was willing to let me take pictures of her. Here’s some of my favourites from the shoot.

You can see the pictures in High Quality on my Flickr.
I have also updated my About section.

Happy Autumn: Photo Megapost

For a photography blog I sure don’t post all that many pictures rather then ones involving events doesn’t it seem? Well i’ve been really busy focusing on my school work lately but thankfully that means I have new photographs as well. And because Autumn is so damn beautiful with its colour changing leaves I thought i’d post some new pictures from this season. Enjoy!