Grey’s Anatomy 10×11 “Man on the Moon” Rant

I don’t know if it’s because Sandra Oh is leaving after the end of this tenth season but it feels as though they have erased all of Cristina Yang’s past character development. She’s flat out boring. I rather watch paint dry on a wall then watch her in another scene. Cristina’s bitchiness which previously was used in comedic ways have become unfunny and annoying. It also appears that Meredith Grey is only there to fight with Yang. I’m sorry but I thought the show was called Grey’s Anatomy. I want to see Meredith. Y’know? The person who the show is literally about. The reason why I started watching this show and why I fell in love with it. Back in the beginning almost every scene had her in it and now we’re lucky if we get one. 

 I’m tired of scenes being wasted on the stupid interns I could care less about. I’m not even getting to Shane Ross and how unbelievable annoying and disrespectful he is. In the last couple episodes his attitude towards Meredith has been completely unacceptable. If he acted the way he did in a real workplace setting he’d be fired in a second. The fact that Cristina is now sleeping with him doesn’t help. He’s become overly cocky since he yelled at Meredith about the 3D printer. By Cristina having sex with Ross after this stunt he pulled it’s telling him that his actions were acceptable when they’re not. I wish Meredith would grow some balls and get him fired. I’m sure Derek would back her up as Shane raised his voice and got angry with him a couple episodes back.

And where is my slutty ex-mistress and all of her sexy scenes with McDreamy? There is nothing better then some good MerDer loving and we’ve been left with nothing. Notta. Zero.

The show is seriously lacking. Honestly, at this point it’d be nice to see Cristina die from a heart attack. Cause she’s cardiothoracic surgeon. Get it? She’s leaving and they already completely destroyed Meredith and Cristina’s friendship, one of the last good aspects about the show.  Shonda Rhimes either needs to spend a little more time on Grey’s Anatomy or she needs to end it right now. It’s clear most of her time is being dedicated to her new show Scandal that airs right after Grey’s on ABC.

At least Calzona’s back on track that’s the only good thing that happened in tonights episode.