Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky Inspired
At the beginning of second semester I posted a photograph that was inspired by Rineke Dijkstra. For my classes last blog post the chosen artist was Laura Letinsky who does a lot of still life work with a large format film camera. I liked the simplicity that came with using a white table cloth. I originally had a different picture with a tea cup rather then strawberries but I found it too boring. The red gives it more power and brightens the image as a whole.

Rineke Dijkstra

For one of my photography classes, every two weeks we need to submit 1-3 photographs that we’ve taken that have been inspired by a specific photographer. The first was Rineke Dijkstra. A fair amount of her pictures are taken in front of a blank or very limited background so there’s no distractions. I also took into consideration how all of her subjects are natural,  they don’t show a lot of expression and are very simplistic. However, unlike Rineke I shot the subject from above whereas Rineke shoots hers from below. That’s how I approached the project. You can check out some of Rineke Dijkstra’s work here.