Still Life Photographs

I’ve had a lot of school projects lately so i’ve been working in the studio a fair amount. I’ll be posting all my 4×5 photographs sometime at the end of this month or early March. However, these are from two different still life assignments. The first had to have either a flower or fruits and vegetables. The second could be anything. Oh, and i’ve recently joined 500px so you can follow me there by clicking here.



New York City

I just spent this past weekend in New York City with about 100 other students (most from my school and program, some not). I was really hoping to walk into one of my favourites who I knew happened to be in town at the same time… that’s you Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Bomer and Nick Jonas. Although I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture I did see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield leaving NBC Studios (Saturday Night Live). They didn’t stop to take photographs or to talk to any of the approximately 15 people waiting outside. But this post is about my pictures not celebrities. Enjoy!

Duck 2






Army Man