TIFF 2013 Day #3: Spotted

My day started off  at the Princess of Wales Theatre where I saw Prisoners featuring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Then in the afternoon I met the very handsome Chris Hemsworth and Paul Giamatti and had the opportunity to see Adam Levine and Keira Knightly at the Can A Song Save Your Life? movie premiere.


Red Dawn: Movie Review with SPOILERS

Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 film directed by John Milius.

Jed Eckert (Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth) leads his brother Matt Eckert (Drake and Josh’s Josh Peck) and some other teenagers they know in a fight to save their town from being invaded by North Korean soldiers. Together they become known as the Wolverines as they create havoc in letting the soldiers know that they aren’t going down without a fight.

Let’s start with wondering how all the Wolverines weren’t all slaughtered in seconds. They’re against professional military personnel and there’s about thousands to no more then ten teenagers yet they managed to do more damage then possibly imagined.
Example A: Their aim when shooting rifle’s is pretty darn accurate (except for the scenes during their training sessions). Also why was it okay to waste so much amo during training? That was a stupid idea.
Example B: How are they able to create and fuse bombs (why do they have any knowledge on how to do this?)
Example C: It’s not possible for them not to be recognized. Someone would realize that something happens after one of these teens is around the main area
I could probably go on forever so i’m just going to stop here.

As I sat in line before the movie a girl near me said that we should be prepared for Robert to die (Peeta Josh Hutcherson). Let me just say that he doesn’t so I was left holding my breath the entire time for no reason. After reading the synopsis from the original movie it made sense to why she thought this, only Danny and Erica survived. However, in version I watched Matt, Robert, Erica (Isabel Lucas), Julie (Alyssa Diaz) and Toni (Adrianne Palicki) all survived.

You knew Jed’s death was coming the moment after he told Matt that he was proud of him for doing the right thing. So yes, he does still die in the remake of Red Dawn. He walks out of the room and BAM, shot in the head. Like of f*cking course. Who didn’t see that happening? That happens to be a very popular time for people to be killed in movies, right after their proclamation of love or just a generally heartfelt speech. One of the worst moments is when the Wolverines realize they’re being tracked because of Daryl (Connor Cruise) and he lets them leave him in the middle of a dirt road to be found so the only person being killed is himself. You don’t see it happen but seeing the car drive away from him is enough to bruise the heart.

This film ends with Matt giving a speech to his new army (how he recruited all of them I have no idea… Facebook event maybe?), but for those who are able to recall the beginning of the movie will remember that the speech is the same one his brother original spoke to them. But the movie didn’t seem to have any full closer. It ends after and we never know what happened, we’re left to infer.

One of my favourite scenes was when Jed was teaching Robert how to shoot a deer because of the whole Gale and Peeta thing from the Hunger Games. Yes, I do know it was Liam Hemsworth who played Gale and not Chris but they’re brothers so it entertained me. Anyway, he’s holding up the gun and goes “I can’t do it.” Or something along those lines and I just laughed because of course that would be his character. But he did end up shooting it, guess Katniss really did teach him something.

For going into a movie I knew nothing about (except for the beautiful eye candy) I didn’t find it completely terrible. Now i’m not the biggest action fan but I was able to sit through the movie without getting bored. I think that says it all really. Putting aside all unrealistic aspects it was good. There, I said it.

I don’t want to type out the entire movie so if you have any questions leave a comment and i’d be more then happy to reply.

Red Dawn hits theatres Wednesday November 21st 2012.