A Painted Picture

One of my first year assignments was to make a mixed media portrait of another person in the class. Meet Morgan, my amazing friend who loves going to concerts and many at that. The idea behind this piece of work … Continue reading

4×5 Film Photography

It’s been more then a week since i’ve posted which is quite shocking since lately it seemed as thought I was posting almost every other day. I apologize sincerely! Recently i’ve been playing around with 4×5 Large Format film photography in school, both colour and black and white. Although frustrating to drag the equipment anywhere besides the studio the results are more then worth it.

Working in Studio

As many of you know i’m currently attending University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. This past weekend I got in the studio for the first time as I shot one of my best friends Emma. She’s absolutely gorgeous and i’m so thankful that she was willing to let me take pictures of her. Here’s some of my favourites from the shoot.

You can see the pictures in High Quality on my Flickr.
I have also updated my About section.

Happy Autumn: Photo Megapost

For a photography blog I sure don’t post all that many pictures rather then ones involving events doesn’t it seem? Well i’ve been really busy focusing on my school work lately but thankfully that means I have new photographs as well. And because Autumn is so damn beautiful with its colour changing leaves I thought i’d post some new pictures from this season. Enjoy!