Demi Lovato’s Concert: Mardi Gras at Universal Studios

Call me crazy but I’d rather call it dedicated. I decided that it had been way too long since I last saw Demi Lovato. So myself along with two of my best friends flew all the way from our igloos in Canada to see her perform at Universal Studios in Florida. We literally only went for her, arriving Friday morning and departing Sunday morning.

Saturday morning we arrived at Universal Studios around 9:15am (the park opened at 9am). By that time there was already one line/barricaded area and we were in the second one with pink tickets. My friends and I were the ones playing Demi’s music. I was shocked at how cold it was. Camping out was not fun until I went and bought myself a Harry Potter blanket to cuddle up with on the hard ground. It was great talking to and meeting various other fans all day long.

At around 3pm when we had to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for our meet and greet. Unfortunately it meant missing soundcheck and getting spots for the concert. The VIP I purchased did not come with entry into the park so they didn’t have a special area for all of us meeting Demi to go to afterwards. The meet and greet was done through Golden Tickets who have renamed themselves Adventures in Wonderland. They have terrible customer service and sent and email telling us to show up at 2:45pm and they weren’t there until about 4:15pm. The package came with a Heart Attack poster (which I had stolen) lament and t-shirt. For those unaware meet and greets are very short and rushed. Sometimes security won’t even allow you to hug Demi but I went for it anyway. I mean, I just travelled all the way from Toronto, there was no way I wasn’t! Demi smells like rainbows and butterflies. I swear! I am so so so thankful for having the opportunity to hug her again. I would like to note that it took over 72 hours to receive my photograph from Golden Tickets.

General admission/free concerts are a mess. There was shoving, pushing and fighting from a ton of people, clearly not the fans. It was close to becoming a full on mob scene but once Demi came on stage everyone seemed to chill out. Her vocals impress me more and more every f*cking time I see her. She’s absolutely phenomenal and i’m so lucky to have been apart of the first crowd to ever hear her new single Heart Attack sung live.


9 thoughts on “Demi Lovato’s Concert: Mardi Gras at Universal Studios

    • There was a LOT of people. It turned into a kind of mob event. Once you were in, you weren’t getting out until the show was done. I was in line around 9:15am and the park opened at 9:00am. However, I had to leave around 3:00pm to go my meet and greet so getting a spot wasn’t the easiest.

      • Thanks. Going to the Matchbox 20 show and was trying to gauge when to set up camp at the stage. I understand no chairs are allowed, did you see anyone using those folding stadium seats that just sit on the ground but offer some back support to sit and read? Any other suggestions? Thanks again for your time and insight.

      • There was one person I saw with a chair originally while waiting in our barricaded lines but once they let everyone onto the grass area I saw none. When first let in people were sitting comfortably with their friends on blankets then people started pushing and we were all stuck standing for two hours before the concert even started with no room. People will start lining up as soon as the park’s opened but they don’t let you around the stage until around 5pm. When they do, they do so in order of who arrived first so people aren’t just running over one another. The only people with chairs during the show were those in wheelchairs, and if you try sitting during the show you won’t be able to see anything. But for waiting you should be able to get away with it. There’s also signs that say no video or photography and that didn’t stop anyone. I just advise you to go early and make friends with people in line and be prepared to be waiting a lot. Good luck!

  1. Thank you for the picture of Demi pointing! Me and my two friends were able to get front row and she was pointing at my friend in that picture! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I came across your blog. We were right next to each other at the concert! We talked a bit about your going to the meet and greet and I asked you where you were from. I was there with my husband, my daughter and her friend.

  3. I was there… And I believe I was close to you because I honestly hear myself singing in the Heart Attack video…. So embarrassing. 🙂

    I did the meet and greet also and I was second in line… and I agree, so unorganized.

    I’ve met Demi 3 times and seen her perform 7. And I absolutely love hearing other Lovatics talk about their time meeting and seeing her. It makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your Demi experience. xo

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