Subway Sign Typology



The Yonge-University-Spadina line first opened in 1954, with extensions in 1963, 1973, 1974 ,1978 and 1996. It is the oldest and busiest subway line in Toronto with 32 stations and operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

A Brief History: 
1954: The Yonge line opened going from Union north to Eglington
1963: Segment continued north to St. George
1973: Extended to York Mills
1974: Extended to Finch
1978: Spadina segment was expanded north of the University line to Wilson
1987: North York Centre station was build on an existing section of the line
1996: Spadina segment was expanded to Downsview

Construction is currently on it’s way to further expand the Spadina line northwest of Downsview into the City of Vaughan. Subway service is expected to be running in August 2016.

That’s all great, right? But now you’re probably wondering why I chose to do my typology on this subway line. To explain that it would help to know a little bit about me. For those unaware I’m a student at Ryerson University, which can be found in the heart of downtown Toronto.  I however, live north of Toronto where the subway doesn’t quite reach, making me a commuter who has to ride the subway to and from school everyday. It doesn’t matter which end I start on, Downsview or Finch because either way I still live north of where the subway ends. I’m in the middle of each. As mentioned before I ride the Yonge-University-Spadina line everyday but never quite paid attention to the stations I passed on the way to my destination. I became intrigued and wanted to see the difference between each and every station. So one Sunday, with my brother I rode the full subway line starting at Downsview station. At each stop I’d get off, take a picture of the sign and wait anywhere from 4-10 minutes for the next train to come along.

Throughout my experience I noticed various similarities and differences between some of the stations. Stations on the original line; Eglington, Davisville, St. Clair, Summerhill, Rosedale, Bloor, Wellesley, College, Dundas, Queen and King are all designed very similar using vitreous marble, the only difference being the colour of the tiles. Union, which was one of the original stations is currently being renovated. The newer stations have art and architecture that differs from the original line.

Other Torontonians who ride the subway may have never taken the time to get to know each and every station on the line but I didn’t want to be one of the many. The subway in a way has become my second home and by taking a photograph of all the station signs i’ve documented a day in the life of me.

4×5 Film Photography

It’s been more then a week since i’ve posted which is quite shocking since lately it seemed as thought I was posting almost every other day. I apologize sincerely! Recently i’ve been playing around with 4×5 Large Format film photography in school, both colour and black and white. Although frustrating to drag the equipment anywhere besides the studio the results are more then worth it.

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake if you haven’t heard of it, is the newest craze and internet sensation. Thousands of videos have been uploaded online (mostly from universities and colleges) in the past week! I guess you could call it the next Gangnam Style if you’d like but i’d prefer it if you didn’t. This doesn’t actually make you want to rip off your ears every time the song comes on. The general idea is that one person dances for about 15 seconds while everyone around them is clueless to what’s going on and then in the last 15 seconds everyone goes CRAZY! Literally! I attend Ryerson University and yesterday in my Art History class all of the Image Arts Students decided we would do one just for fun. Our prof Iain was such a good sport and we love him a hundred times more for being a part of it!!

The video is currently at 7,000 views and was shown on Breakfast Television this morning!

Still Life Photographs

I’ve had a lot of school projects lately so i’ve been working in the studio a fair amount. I’ll be posting all my 4×5 photographs sometime at the end of this month or early March. However, these are from two different still life assignments. The first had to have either a flower or fruits and vegetables. The second could be anything. Oh, and i’ve recently joined 500px so you can follow me there by clicking here.



Identity Thief: Movie Review with SPOILERS

Melissa McCarthy’s become all the rage lately, hasn’t see? Because of her character Megan in Bridesmaids and her television show Mike and Molly? The sudden love drives me crazy when there’s suddenly all these people who come along pretending to be huge fans since forever when they probably don’t even know that she used to play Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls. Along with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel she was my childhood. Beside’s the fact that Melissa and I have the same name, clearly, so it was a match made in heaven.

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), a business man travels from his home in Denver to Florida to chase down the women, Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who’s stolen his identity, because he has a girls name.

Long story short this is what happens: Sandy goes to Florida to find the women pretending to be her. They meet on the highway where she ends up stealing his car and has the keys from hers but inside the car is her address so he shows up at her house. But you can’t let the movie end that fast because then you don’t have a movie so these two random people known as Julian and Marisol show up at the front door looking for Diana themselves. On top of the bounty hunter Skiptracer who’s also looking for her. Sandy and Diana end up getting to Denver and he learns that she’s really not a bad person and decides that he doesn’t want to turn her in so she ends up doing it herself. Then Sandy and his family end up being only friends Diana has and then the movie’s over. Everything inbetween that is very unnecessary but added to make the length 112 minutes. If you have any questions about specific scenes you’ve seen in the trailer or want a more detailed spoiler post I can do so but the movie is the trailer. You’ve already seen it.

I guess I have to agree with a fair amount of people on Rotten Tomatoes who have reviewed this film before me. Throughout the entire movie the comedic moments are there, just not as funny as one would think from the beginning. There are also times were jokes or scenes were taken too far, clearly the reason behind it’s R rating. Aside from the fact that most of the few hilarious moments were shown in the trailer. There are unnecessary characters thrown in that are unnecessary, like Julian, Marisol and Skiptracer who are chasing Diana themselves aside from Sandy as the movie continues to drag on. I believe that more people will be rather disappointed with the outcome then they would’ve thought going in. I only assume people look forward to it because of McCarthy’s plus-size  figure which absolutely disgusts me. Lesson learned: Good actors don’t always make good movies.

Identity Thief hits theatres Friday, February 8th 2013.


Justin Bieber’s Believe Acoustic Toronto Buyout

Today was the Justin Bieber Toronto Buyout for his brand new album Believe Acoustic. Sponsored by Universal Music Canada and My Music, CDs bought at the HMV Superstore at Yonge and Dundas are being donated to Sick Kids Hospital. It was great to see so many fans young and old come out today even though it was freezing (and snowing)! This amazing event was planned by three lovely ladies; Julia, Nicole and Vanessa. If you weren’t aware this was the fourth Justin Bieber buyout in Toronto. Look out for the next one whenever Justin releases a new album! For more information you can go here. Also make sure to follow @Toronto_Buyout on Twitter! I will post the link where the rest of the photographs can be found soon! 🙂












ALIVE: Shawn Desman’s Movie Premiere

Last night I was one of the few lucky individuals who had the opportunity to attend Shawn Desman’s premiere for his movie ALIVE thanks to Ascenta Health. The entire cast which includes Izaak Smith, Melinda Shankar, Kaitlyn Leeb & Bree Wasylenko and obviously Shawn Desman were all in attendance. The director RT  Make sure to check it out on Much Music this Tuesday at 7pm.