Peoples Choice Awards

Tonight was the 39th Annual People’s Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. But they should think about calling the show “If you were nominated and in attendance you won” award show. Every award was pretty obvious if you watched the red carpet in advance and knew who was there. It wasn’t all that much of a shocker.

Thoughts that needed to be said:
– Jennifer Lawrence should’ve walked on stage as Katniss while Alicia Keys peformed Girl On Fire.
– There’s no way Katy Perry won all 4 of her awards.
– Lea Michele shouldn’t be considered a comedic actress.
– Adam Sandler should probably retire, no idea what that little speech he did tonight was…
– They should’ve played the ‘get off the stage’ music for XTina.
– Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous and never ages.
– Brittany Snow looks perfect in her yellow dress.
– Emma Watson is adorable but I was disappointed she didn’t do the red carpet with the rest of her Perks of Being a Wallflower cast.
– Taylor Swift looked terrifying with her eye makeup. It was awkward and made it look like she had two black eyes.

Counting Down: My 5 Favourite Moments/Things To Happen at the PCAs
5. Although said singer wasn’t in attendance and you had to check the online list to know that Demi Lovato won Favourite Celebrity Judge I am more then happy for her. Although I think she was ripped off by Katy Perry in her other two categories.

4. If you don’t like Ellen Degeneres then you’re lying. She’s hilarious and perfect in all ways. Best moment was when she said thanks then walked away before turning around and returning to the podium because she had an award to present but wanted to hear an applause first.

3. It took way too long and it was nearly long enough if you ask me but getting to see Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. The Hunger Games cast slayed tonight taking in a total of 4 awards for; Favourite Movie, Favorite Movie Franchise, Favorite On Screen Chemistry and Favorite Action Movie. In total the Hunger Games cast racked in 6/7 awards that they were nominated for. Clearly i’m a fan. I went to the Toronto Hunger Games premiere back in March of last year. And for the fandom it’s been a big day! It started with Entertainment Weekly giving us the first stills for the sequel Catching Fire. Catching Fire will hit theatres at the end of this year in November.

2.  Did you see Matt Boner Bomer tonight?! He is literally a sex god. The only thing that would’ve made him even hotter is if he wasn’t wearing a shirt but that’s not appropriate for an award show now is it? I am thankful for his existence and his infectious grin that makes me squeal every time I lay eyes on him. Tonight he presented two awards with Chloe Grace Moretz so not only did I get to stare at him on the red carpet but during that time on stage as well. THANK YOU AWARD SHOW GODS. And i’m thankful for a 5th season of White Collar. Unfortunately the show didn’t win in the category they were nominated.

1. It’s not a surprise how much I admire Jennifer Lawrence so when she won both Favourite Face of Heroism and Favourite Movie Actress for The Hunger Games I was ecstatic! If you don’t believe me you can go look through my tweets. She’s so incredibly talented and humble. I don’t think there was one person in the room tonight who wasn’t happy for her. The best thing about her acceptance speak was the Mean Girls reference she made. It just proves that Jen is just one of us who made it on the outside. And she looked absolutely gorgeous tonight! I look forward to this upcoming award season. I see big things happening for Jennifer as this may be the year she finally gets an Oscar for her role as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Linings Playbook.

“I wish this was like Mean Girls where I could just break this up and give it to all of you.”


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