Breaking Dawn Part 2: Movie Review with SPOILERS

It’s over, it’s actually over. I’m currently in mourning. All i’ll be wearing for the next days of my life is black.

I remember when I first heard about the Twilight Saga in grade 8. It didn’t matter that others didn’t know about it, I had already been pulled into the world of vampires and wolves and I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to come back. I sat in long lines waiting for the midnight screenings of both Twilight and New Moon to make sure I got the best seats. That was before Cineplex had their UltraAVX theatres where you get to pick your seats so you have time for dinner first. However I was also at the first screening possible for the following three movies; Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and now Breaking Dawn Part 2. For all 5 films I had been at the first possible screening. I was excited to see the final instalment but I wasn’t prepared for the end.

For those who have been living under a rock Breaking Dawn Part 2 is based off of the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. This is the 5th movie created from the 4 book Saga. After the birth of Renesemee (Mackenzie Foy), Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)’s family is in danger of the Volturi. With as many allies/witness’ the Cullen’s can gather they prepare for what may be a fatal fight to protect their family.

At this point most people already know that they ending’s different then what’s read in the book so i’m just going to jump right to it. That, and the little part before that leaves you on your toes since I think that’s the reason why you’re most likely here. So let’s forward to the battle because that’s what this entire movie’s about.

Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) explains to Aro (Michael Sheen) how they want to talk, not fight. However, Aro begins to speak about how the ‘demon baby’ is the unknown. They’re not sure what will happen, if it will stop growing and when, all is unknown. The unknown can’t be controlled and should be feared and eliminated. Now you may remember that Alice (Ashley Greene) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) left for a while, so everything important starts when they return. Alice walks up to Aro and tells him that she’s seen that Renesmee won’t be any danger in the future and she has proof that she shouldn’t be feared. Aro grabs her hand to see what she has, making sounds like he’s having an orgasm which he seems to always have while reading people. When he finishes she angrily states that, “It doesn’t matter. Nothing I show you will matter, you’ve already made up your mind.” She turns and signals to Bella saying “Now,” so Bella tells Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to leave with Renesmee and to keep her safe. Alice kicks Aro sending him flying in the opposite direction. When the other Volturi grab her as if they’re about to snap off her head Carlisle yells “NO!” before running straight for Aro. Both Carlisle and Aro jump into the air together and collide into one another, Aro ends up on his feet and Carlisle’s body is laying right in the snow. Grinning in the camera the shot moves down from the smirk on Aro’s face to Carlisle’s head in his hands. This is where everyone’s yelling at the screen saying something along the lines of, “THAT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE BOOK!” Before you even have a chance to take anything in Carlisle’s body is already up in flames. They then show Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) screaming before everyone on the Cullen’s side launches for the Volturi. You know that shit’s about to go down.

As the fighting goes on that’s not the only life lost. When you see the first wolf die you know it’s Sam (Chaske Spencer) and your heart breaks. Then the camera moves to show Jasper fighting with someone and Jane (Dakota Fanning) decides that she’s going to use her special power on him. However Bella sees this and uses her shield to block any pain from hitting him and when Jane sees this she looks toward her brother Alec (Cameron Bright) who attacks Bella. Once Jane is able to inflict Jasper with pain it puts him in the perfect position to be killed, and he is. This is where you continue to yell at the screen saying, WHY ARE YOU KILLING EVERYONE?” Benjamin (Rami Malek) creates a chasm that many vampires and wolves fall into. Esme is dangling over the edge when a wolf jumps on the vampire holding on to her to save her life. Edward also finds himself falling into chasm but ends up flying out of it magically. There’s a lot more fighting and eventually Alec, Jane, Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) all end up killed leaving only Aro left. Bella runs at him and gets knocked to ground while bringing Edward down with her. They touch hands for a second before getting up and beating Aro two against one. Bella rips off Aro’s head as easy as disconnecting Barbie’s head from her body. Bella torches him as the camera does a close up into Aro’s non-burning eye and this is when the movie goes back to where Alice was showing Aro the future, on what would happen if there was a fight. Aro’s future would be death if they decided to fight one another. “That my dear man is what will happen unless you walk away.” I think I just heard your sigh of relief. No one you loved died. YAY! Aro then decides that it’s best to leave them all since no law was broken. Thank goodness the fighting sequence was all a dream, that’s all i’ve got to say. Not that it felt that way at the time.

Once your mind has healed from all that there’s a scene where Edward and Bella lay in the meadow. This didn’t happen in the book but as they’re sitting there Bella tells Edward she wants to show him something. Using a power that comes with her shield she gives Edward a look inside her head as the movie shows clips of the two of them from all of the past films. There wasn’t a moment before where I really realized that this was the end of the Saga until this scene showed up on the screen. I may have cried a little bit… And as quickly as it started it was over. Edward wonders how she did it and want to see again and she replied saying they have the rest of their lives. Forever.

The film ends with a full franchise yearbook where every main character/actor casted is shown with a picture of themselves and their name until all have been shown. This included showing both Rachelle and Bryce as Victoria which was completely necessary if you ask me. It obviously ending with Taylor, Rob and then Kristen.

Scenes you don’t want to miss in no particular order (to the movie):
1. Jacob taking off all of his clothes in front of Charlie when he decides to let him know that he’s a wolf and while sort of explaining how Bella’s fine but different now.
2. Edward and Bella having a good time in their bed in their new house. Somehow they ended up in the living room and i’m not sure how. “You really were holding back before before.”
3. When Bella finds out that Jacob imprinted on her daughter. The way he begins to explain the situation saying that it’s a wolf thing that she knows about and he can’t control it. Bella then drags him outside screaming at him, “You imprinted on my baby!” She begins to fight with him sending him flying into the ground, with her new strength. Esme tell’s Edward to stop her but he says “I think she’s handling it just fine.” 

Things I didn’t like:
1. I didn’t think that they showed enough of Bella’s training for her learning how to shield other people besides herself.
2. Although the baby shown at the beginning of the movie is adorable it was clear that it was fake and animated which bugged me.

If there weren’t so many released clips I may have included some of those too, however these are the ones that stick out in my mind right now. As my final remarks on this post I’d have to say that this was definitely the best movie out of them all. If you have any questions or want to know any other specific spoilers based on things you may have seen in clips or the trailer please leave a comment and i’d be more then happy to answer. Quotes may not be 100% but they’re as close as I can remember.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for giving us Twihards a story to fall in love with over the past years.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 hit theatres November 16, 2012.



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