Sinister: Movie Review with SPOILERS

This is your spoiler warning, I don’t have a filter so I will seriously ruin everything for you. If you’ve already chosen to read past the title of this post and this warning message it’s not my fault.

I’m not sure i’m going to be able to sleep tonight… just kidding. This movie was definitely scarier then others i’ve seen this year like House at The End of The Street. I did jump out of my seat a number of times, approximately 5. If you get easily scared this movie’s probably not the best choice for you. But then again you probably already had that warning when you saw that it’s rated R and is a horror/thriller movie. Scott Derrickson easily created the scariest movie of 2012 and if you can take the terror chances are you’ll enjoy this film. There is a slight amount of gore but nothing unbearable.

When a true-crime novelist moves into a new house (where a family was brutally murdered) he finds old video tapes in the attic which helps him realize how they died (and other families in the past). Through his discoveries he begins to put his entire family in danger of being the next victims of these connected murders.

Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) decides to move his family into a house where the last family was hung to death on a tree in the backyard except for the daughter Stephanie who went missing. However when his wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) asks if they moved into a house down the street from a crime scene again he says ‘no’ because they moved into thee house. When unpacking boxes he comes across a silver box in the attic labeled “home videos.” Inside the box is a projector and a box filled with tapes; Lawn Work 86′, Sleepy Time ’98, Pool Party ’66, BBQ ’79 and Family Hanging Out ’11. Instead of throwing out the videos his curiosity gets the best of him. As he sits watching the videos he comes across various other murders that have happened in the past and instead of going to the police or moving out of the house he decides to investigate each case giving the audience a gruesome look. The only thing connecting them is a symbol which is associated with a pagan deity named Bagul (Bughuul?) who’s known for eating the souls of children, that fact that one child always went missing and that each family that died previously lived in the house of the last murdered family. Ellison begins to see Bagul in the videos tapes when he zooms in and thinks he sees him in the backyard. It doesn’t help that his son Trevor (Michael Hall D’Addario) has night terrors. In one scene he’s found in a moving box screaming and another time outside in the bushes. Ellison also begins to hear noise arounds the house but when he walks around (in the complete darkness like any idiot in a scary movie) he doesn’t see anything. The audience however sees various children. Getting completely freaked out Ellison burns all of the videotapes and tells his wife to gather the children so they can leave the house and town right away. When they move into their new house the deputy (James Ransone) calls Ellison explaining to him that each of the murders are linked once the families move out of the house where the last family was murdered making him and his family the next target. He then goes into the attic to find the home video box sitting there, the same one he burned at the old house. Throwing it on the ground a little envelope falls out that’s labelled “cut endings” (or something like that). Ellison re-watches the videos with the new ending, where you see that the child who went missing from each family, the only one who wasn’t killed, was the one who killed the entire family. He looks into his cup and see’s something odd before falling to ground from being poisoned, like all of the other victims. His daughter Ashley (Clare Foley) is standing behind him and tells him how she liked those endings much better. Joining the other children in the videotapes she then kills her dad, mom and brother before going off with Bagul. The video tape of her families murder gets put into the home video box and left in the house for the next people to discover; House Painting ’12.

Sinister hits theatres tomorrow; Friday October 12, 2012.

Watch the trailer here:


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