Silver Linings Playbook: Top 10 Favourite Scenes with SPOILERS

This is your warning, there are SPOILERS below.

Sidenote: This is more me talking about my favourite parts then a review… for my review that won’t ruin any part of the movie and to see pictures of the cast members on the red carpet go here. To see pictures of Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet go here.

My Top 10 Favourite Scenes

1. Meeting Tiffany: Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) first meets Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) while at dinner at his best friend Ronnie’s (John Ortiz) house. Ronnie quickly explains to Pat that his wife Veronica (Julia Stiles) is having her sister, which is Tiffany, join then. Pat then wonders where Tommy is, Tiffany’s husband and Ronnie tells him that Tommy’s died but not to bring it up. Tiffany walks into the room over-hearing the conversation asking, How’d who die? Pat tells her that she looks nice but that he wasn’t hitting on her because he’s trying to win his wife Nikki (Brea Bee) back. Tiffany replies saying that she didn’t think he was when Pat changes the subject by asking her how Tommy died.

2. Dinners Abrupt Ending: After Pat and Tiffany go back and forth about the medication they’ve been on, as seen in the trailer, Tiffany decides she’s had enough and wants to go home. I said i’m tired. You gonna walk me home or what? she asks Pat who replies You mean me? and she says Yeah you, are you gonna walk me home? The thing I like most about this scene is Tiffany’s little spat with her sister. She gets annoyed when she’s talked about in third person and I think anyone else who’s been in that situation would agree with her reaction.
NOTE: You can actual see this in the clip that was released right here.

3. Tiffany’s House: When Pat and Tiffany arrive at her house she tells him she doesn’t know how this really works because she hasn’t been on a date in a while. She explains that she saw the way he looked at her and then says that her house is actual separate from her parents so there’s no chance of them walking in on them and then continues by saying something about how she can’t stand the Eagles, the team on the football jersey Pat’s wearing but he can fuck her if the light’s are off. Pat then says that he’s married and she raises her wedding ring to his and says Funny, so am I. Pat then replies saying No but that’s different, your husband’s dead. Instead of saying anything back Tiffany hugs him while bursting into tears which makes Pat say Wait, what? Tiffany then pulls away and slaps Pat hard across his face before walking into her house leaving him confused. 

4. Pat Working Out: Everyday Pat goes on a run to continue to loose body weight, it was one of the things his wife Nikki had wanted him to do. He slows down as he passes Tiffany’s house but keeps jogging when she sneaks up on him. Pat mentions how he likes to run alone and she says she does to but she keeps following him. They have a little spat that goes back and forth on why both of them like to run where they’re running. Pat gets annoyed and begins to run away but Tiffany follows him. At one point you see Pat slow down when he realizes that he lost her when she reappears right behind him. I can’t remember everything but he ends of calling her a slut and then quickly apologizes but her response surprises you a little when she says, You’re right, I was a slut. She goes on to explain how there’s always going to be a part of her that’s dirty but she likes that part of her just like every other part but at least she can forgive unlike Pat before storming off. “Can you forgive fucker?

5. Pat Talking to Dr. Patel: In Pat’s next therapy session with Dr. Patel (Anupam Kher), the first one you see after he meets Tiffany he talks to his doctor about how she’s a crazy slut. The doctor explains that Tiffany probably just needs a friends and by offering sex she probably thought it would be easier to get to know him.

6. Tiffany and Pat go out For Dinner: Pat asks Tiffany to go out for dinner and he orders raisin bran so she can’t mistake it for a date. It can still be a date if you order raisin bran, she responds. This is the scene where Tiffany tells him how she got fired from work. After talking for a while Pat gets offended when he learns that Veronica may have told Nikki that he was like Tiffany and he didn’t want that after all the shit she just told him about herself. “You think i’m crazier then you? She questions and he agrees. Tiffany gets so pissed off and starts screaming in the diner about how she’s fucking crazy and then leaves in a huff. This scene is MY FAVOURITE. It shows off Jennifer’s acting ability so well.

7. Tiffany Asking Pat To Dance with Her: Tiffany promised Pat that she’d get a letter to Nikki for him earlier in the movie but she says she can’t do unless he does something for her and that Tommy would never dance with her. Pat replies saying, Well that’s different, Tommy’s dead. And Tiffany says, Can we get through one conversation without you reminding me that my husband’s dead? She tells him to think about the dancing thing in this scene because it’s the only way she’ll help him out because she’s tired of always giving and never receiving anything in return.

8. Tiffany’s Anger at Pat Missing Practice: Pat missed dance practice to go to the Eagle’s football game with his brother. Tiffany then storms into his house and bitches at Pat Sr. (Robert De Niro) explaining how the Eagles never lost a game when Pat was with her. This rant has to be one of the most entertaining moments of the entire movie. Prior to Tiffany entering the house Pat Sr. is blaming Pat saying that the reason the Eagles keep loosing are because he’s been spending so much time with Tiffany and she’s trouble. After this scene Pat Sr. actually likes Tiffany.

9. The Dance: Tiffany and Pat’s dance is nothing like you’d expect and they even mess up. Tiffany’s vaginal region is very close to Pat’s face when they don’t get their jump just right. But they do manage to get a 5 which was their main goal. They scream and cheer and the guy who’s announcing the scores is wondering why they’re so happy they got a 5.

10. Pat’s Proclamation of Love: At the end of the movie Pat walks over to Nikki and whispers something in her ear that you’d don’t hear. As Tiffany sees this she begins to cry and runs away but not before Pat Sr. notices. Pat walks away from Nikki looking for Tiffany but she’s no where to be found when his dad explains how she’s left but the girl is in love with her and he shouldn’t mess things up. Pat ends up finding Tiffany and chases her down the street and she screams at him to leave her alone. However he won’t until she reads a letter. Thinking it’s a letter to Nikki and not to her she opens it unwillingly but then realizes it’s a letter to her. After saying Dear Tiffany out loud Pat speaks the rest of the letter explaining that he wrote it a week ago and that he loves her. “You let me lie to you for a week?” Tiffany questions when she learns that Pat knew that she was the one who wrote all of Nikki’s letters in which he replies “I was trying to be romantic.” And then she just looks at him, “You love me? And it’s just so beautiful. Tears weren’t just rolling down Tiffany’s cheeks but mine too. It was too much for my heart to handle. The only way to beat my crazy was by doing something even crazier.

NOTE: Sorry if the quotes aren’t 100% correct or if some things are a little out of order. I’m trying to remember to the best of my ability.

If you don’t see this movie on November 21st 2012 then there’s something wrong with you.


3 thoughts on “Silver Linings Playbook: Top 10 Favourite Scenes with SPOILERS

    • Jennifer’s definitely not as bad at dancing as she seems to think herself. The thing is, Tiffany’s not supposed to be an amazing dancer. Sure she loves to do it but she’s not good so when you see her dancing badly it’s not because of Jennifer it’s because of Tiffany. I thought Jennifer did an amazing job!

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