Meeting Shay Mitchell

After attending Demi Lovato’s concert Mira, Rachel and I decided to go by the hotel Demi stayed at the night before incase she was there so we could get pictures with her. I’m pretty sure they never returned, that Demi and her band hopped on the tour bus and headed straight to Boston. When we were waiting two girls came up to us saying that they saw Shay Mitchell (Emily in Pretty Little Liars) go into a bar down the street. Being the people we are we decided to go find her in hopes of meeting her. The drinking age in Canada is 19 and myself and Rachel are younger then that but we were hoping it was going to be a bar where there’d only be a problem with us inside if we were trying to buy alcohol. When we arrived we learned that it was a club and there was a bouncer right at the door who would stop us before we could even try.

Luckily Mira is 19. So as a kind of joke we told her to go inside, find Shay and bring her outside for us. About 5 minutes later Mira returned and she waved her hand over. I took that as a sign that she failed and we should go except that Shay and two of her friends followed the motion. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She actually came outside just to meet us because we were too young to go inside. Shay asked us how old we were and how we knew where she was (I’d probably wonder the same thing if I were her) and then we got out pictures and each freaked out in our own way. If I recall correctly she also asked us how Demi Lovato’s concert was and that she wished she could’ve been there.

The night ended better then I ever could’ve expected.


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