Meeting Shay Mitchell

After attending Demi Lovato’s concert Mira, Rachel and I decided to go by the hotel Demi stayed at the night before incase she was there so we could get pictures with her. I’m pretty sure they never returned, that Demi and her band hopped on the tour bus and headed straight to Boston. When we were waiting two girls came up to us saying that they saw Shay Mitchell (Emily in Pretty Little Liars) go into a bar down the street. Being the people we are we decided to go find her in hopes of meeting her. The drinking age in Canada is 19 and myself and Rachel are younger then that but we were hoping it was going to be a bar where there’d only be a problem with us inside if we were trying to buy alcohol. When we arrived we learned that it was a club and there was a bouncer right at the door who would stop us before we could even try.

Luckily Mira is 19. So as a kind of joke we told her to go inside, find Shay and bring her outside for us. About 5 minutes later Mira returned and she waved her hand over. I took that as a sign that she failed and we should go except that Shay and two of her friends followed the motion. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She actually came outside just to meet us because we were too young to go inside. Shay asked us how old we were and how we knew where she was (I’d probably wonder the same thing if I were her) and then we got out pictures and each freaked out in our own way. If I recall correctly she also asked us how Demi Lovato’s concert was and that she wished she could’ve been there.

The night ended better then I ever could’ve expected.

A Dream Day with Demi Lovato

On July 3rd 2012 I went to Demi Lovato’s concert at the Molson Amplitheatre. For those of you who know me this was a BIG deal. Demi Lovato has to be one of my favourite artists in the entire world aside from Kate Voegele, Taylor Swift, Amy Kuney and Avril Lavigne. When I found out the that Toronto was the only place Demi was coming to in Canada I was ecstatic that is until I called my mother and she pointed out to me that I’d already be at camp in Parry Sound. That’s at least 2 hours away from my house which is then another hour away from downtown.  I quickly emailed my camp way in advance and begged to have my day off changed just so I would have the opportunity to attend the show.  When the tickets went on sale I bought a single for $85. I found out that my friend Chelsea (she’s f*cking amazing and you should befriend her) got a single in the same row as me so I knew I wouldn’t be alone either way. I wanted to purchase a meet n’ greet package from Golden Tickets but I didn’t want to waste $375 if I found out I wasn’t able to get the day off since it was the third day of camp. About two weeks before the concert I got a message from my friend Emma who told me that Virgin Radio was selling meet n’ greet passes; all you had to do was donate $100 to Sick Kids Hospital and you’d receive a copy of her third album ‘Unbroken,’ a meet n’ greet pass, a concert ticket and a ticket to her soundcheck. How could I resist? At least if I couldn’t go I was wasting (well donating $100 to charity) not loosing over $300. After buying mine I made sure Chelsea knew about it so she could buy one too! After talking to my bosses at camp I learned I was able to get the day off and leave camp at 11:00am to make sure I’d be at the venue by 3:00pm. We ran into so much traffic and I was so glad we were able to get out an hour earlier then planned. I’m just so thankful everything worked out in general.

The day of the concert came quickly. As much as I was excited for it I didn’t want it to end either. When I first arrived at the venue I saw Emma, Athena and Kristen but they were in the Golden Tickets line. When Chelsea arrived we waited together for Virgin Radio to organize themselves and give us everything we paid for. When we finally received our seat tickets from the Radio Station we learned their seats in the 300s were way worse then our 100s so we were glad we didn’t sell them like we originally planned.

At soundcheck Demi Lovato sang three songs. Although she was sick (with strep throat) I was in awe at how amazing her voice sounded. Ughdlhgsdglksdj take me back, please! After soundcheck was the meet and greet. I was freaking out the entire time I was in line waiting. There was this old lady in front of me getting really pissed off cause I had my phone (when we weren’t supposed to) and I took a picture of Demi’s dressing room. She thought I was going to get everyone kicked out, yeah no. I was the third person to get a picture with Demi and meet her. I gave her a hug and made sure she knew about Letters To Demi which was started back in November 2010. Everything else we talked about remains between the two of us. (;

After the meet n’ greet we had to rip off our bracelets (cause the venue is stupid), made us go outside the gate and get our tickets checked again before we could re-enter. Right after the opener Hot Chelle Rae performed (I’m still upset that they didn’t sing ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ with Demi) my friend Mira sent me a text to let me know that there were 3 empty seats behind her so we moved up to the fourth row right before Demi came on. I was dying the entire show, literally freaking out. It was definitely the best concert i’ve ever been to in my entire life. A lot of the details are fuzzy because i’m still in shock but I shared what I could remember.

For pictures and videos please view below: