Cosmopolis: Premiere/Movie Review

I was lucky enough to have the chance to be at the Toronto Premiere for Cosmopolis on June 4th 2012. I literally found out at 12:45pm that day that I had two tickets to go. I’m going to post a mini little review, if that’s what you can call this…

For those of you who know nothing about this movie, Cosmopolis is based off of the book written by Don DeLillo. I never read the book so that may have been the reason behind me walking out of the theatre not knowing what just happened during the entire length of the movie or it was just really weird as my mother says. From what it says on IMDB (aka the SparkNotes version) it claims that the film ‘Follows a multimillionaire on a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan,’ which is true. Most of the movie takes place within a limo all while the main character Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) attempts to get to the barber shop for a haircut. A lot of things happen in the middle, I rather not ruin any of the movie for you. What I can say is that the movie was amazing whether I understood it or not. I still have the ability to appreciate the tremendous talent found within the film; the actors who are portraying these roles.

After the movie ended the cast came on stage for a Q&A (pictures will be posted below). The cast in attendance was Emily Hampshire, Kevin Durand, Sarah Gadon, Paul Giamatti, Robert Pattinson, and David Cronenberg.┬áRob likes to keep his head down a lot because of how shy he is and it’s rather adorable. He had a difficult time answering some of the questions which kept us entertained and when he did speak it left us all laughing.

I do have to say I was rather disappointed with how the Premiere was set up. Maybe eOnefilms wasn’t aware of the following Robert Pattinson has but they should’ve been prepared. Afterall this movie was filmed in Toronto. I, myself went to watch last year but that’s another story for another time. The red carpet on the outside was rather small. From what I heard Rob only signed autographs and took pictures for about 5 minutes before heading inside. The red carpet continued along inside but even as a fan with a ticket for the movie we weren’t allowed to stand around it. We were forced upstairs into the theatre which was disappointing. I went to the Hunger Games Premiere back in March which was at a smaller venue and even fans who didn’t have tickets were allowed to stand alongside the red carpet inside the theatre. It was another way for people to get a shot at a photograph or autograph. From what the staff told me, Rob’s security didn’t want fans waiting around it. I’m not exactly sure but the TIFF volunteers were rather rude, at least on the main floor and I really didn’t appreciate it. Neither did the others with tickets. Maybe I would’ve let it slide if they let me get a picture with Robert Pattinson. (;

The movie runs for 108 minutes and will hit theatres on June 8th 2012. Make sure to go see it!