Seventeen Magazine

That awkward moment when you find yourself in a magazine…

Let me get this out there right away; I did not send in my photograph nor do I know how they came across it even though they claim I sent it in but can’t provide me with proof. That’s right, I had nice long chats with the legal department at Seventeen Magazine after coming across a picture of myself in the June/July issue with Sarah Hyland on the cover (page 149 top right corner). Yup, that girl in the penguin hat is really me.

Apparently I sent in the photograph here, that’s what they claim anyway. Like I mentioned above I asked for proof and the replied with, “We do not not retain records of proof of submission due to the disclaimer on our website.” For some reason that doesn’t seem right to me. In the end I never really got anywhere with Seventeen Magazine. I went to camp and by the time I came back it had been two months since I last talked to them and thought it didn’t make sense to be replying so late. I guess my lesson to all of you is to be careful where you post your pictures. The only place this one is online is my Facebook page. It’s actually the cover photo for my Alaska album. Did I mention the picture’s from 2009? I highly doubt I would’ve sent in a picture from that year when i’ve participated in more intense “YOLO” moments then standing on my cruise ships balcony on vacation. If you can’t tell since I only posted the right side of the page the spread’s about people’s YOLO moments. I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for my friends friend texting her asking if I was in the magazine. I thought they were just being funny when they said the girl was in a penguin hat but no, it was me. I do think it’s really cool, don’t get me wrong but there’s always going to be that part of me that wonders how they got their hands on my picture.


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