Tyler Hilton’s Concert ft. Dion Roy

About two weeks ago my best friend Arielle and I were walking downtown on our way to see Bring It On: The Musical when we saw a sign saying that Tyler Hilton was going to be playing in concert on May 17th. It was hard to say ‘no’ once we realized we could go and it was kind of a birthday present to myself. I don’t have too much to say about this concert but it was amazing and I have some pictures and videos to show below:

Tyler Hilton stayed after the show along with Dion Roy to sign autographs but he wouldn’t take pictures. I nearly begged claiming that it was my birthday and it would mean so much to me (it was seriously going to be my birthday in less then 2 hours). He refused and I was really sad. We walked out of the venue and decided to wait outside for him to leave. Hopefully we’d have better luck and in the end we did. Arielle and I both left with pictures with Tyler Hilton. Another One Tree Hill cast member to add to the list.


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