Avril Lavigne’s Concert: The Black Star Tour

I must’ve been about 9 when Avril Lavigne came out on the scene. I remember my older brother introducing me to her music as he handed me a burnt copy of her debut album Let Go. Little did I know that that moment would change me, it was the moment that would turn me into a life long fan. And now here we are.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been lucky enough to see Avril in concert three times in the past before tonight. The first was in 2003. I was in the third grade and I went with my entire family; mom, dad and brother. The second time in 2004 when I went with my mom, friend Marie and her godmother. By the time Avril came around again I was in eight grade and no longer had to attend concerts with an adult present.

This concert was different then the rest. It’s hard to explain how but it had something to do with growing up with Avril. We’ve come full circle. I passed the age where in Nobody’s Fool she sings “When I was 14 and a little mod brain, it’s amazing what a couple of years can be.” And I even passed the age she was when her career began. It’s been a good 10 years.

I was at camp when tickets went on sale. I remember finding out that Avril was coming back and calling my mom right away who informed me that she already purchased 2 tickets on my behalf, for me and my best friend Amy. Thanks again!

There was one thing from the concert which I will never forget. When Avril was singing I’m With You there was a moment where she stopped singing and all you could hear was the crowd. Every fan in the venue singing her words back to her. It was absolutely beautiful. I tried to video it but there was nothing able to catch the magic.


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