Kate Voegele’s Concert

This is one girl I could talk forever about. Her voice amazes me more and more every time I see her perform. My best friend Arielle and I drove all from Toronto to Buffalo for this concert. I wasn’t able to attend hers the next week because i’d be in Cleveland for a youth group event. There was no way I was missing the chance to see one of my favourite people in the world. We arrived at the venue early and were some of the first people in line with some of our other friends. At one point we decided to run over to Starbucks to get food and on our way back it started to pour and we got absolutely drenched. My shoes were destroyed. Anyway, when we were allowed inside we ran to get front row spots and then went to the merchandise table to make sure we’d be able to meet Kate Voegele at the end of the show. First 50 people who but a t-shirt or her album get a wrist band. Long story short we partied all night long and it was great. It was more then that it was perfect.


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