Selena Gomez’s Concert: Who Owns The Night Tour

My friend was a member of Selena Gomez’s fanclub which she got for free so when tickets went on sale for Selena in Toronto I bought mine that way. Before the concert I talked to another friend who mentioned that Selena’s step-dad sometimes gives out meet and greet passes during the show to big fans soooooooo imagine how excited I was when I spotted him on the other side of the arena. My friends and I walked over and chatted with him for a little but weren’t having any luck. We walked away when we noticed a small crowd forming when we decided to join it we say that everyone was looking at Selena talking to someone on the balcony of her dressing room (?). Not too long after Christina Grimmie and Allstar Weekend opened and then the real concert started.

The one thing I enjoyed is that the Molson Amplitheatre was filled with little girls who loved Selena but knew no words to any of her songs while my friend and I were dancing and screaming the lyrics of her songs. The mother’s who surrounded us were probably super annoyed…


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