MMVAs Soundcheck Day #2

We arrived right after Lady Gaga left. You can say we were rather disappointed to have missed her but there were many others to see. Bruno Mars was the first celebrity we got to see. He didn’t take any pictures with fans but he DID sign autographs for as many people as possible. We sang Just The Way You Are for him while he was in his trailer so he’d come outside, it worked. Not too long after Selena Gomez arrived. Some claimed that she was the distraction for Justin Bieber except for the fact that she’s the one hosting the MMVAs not him… some people. I was at the back so I didn’t get to watch her soundcheck but I did hear her sing Who Says about 12 times. When she finally left it was already dark out. I got her autograph but didn’t think about asking for a photograph with her. For some reason it wasn’t on my mind, in other words i’m an idiot. Standing around all day was still worth it even if I left with only signatures.


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