One Tree Hill Filming Day #2

The weather was absolutely beautiful as the sun filled the sky. Such a change from grey skies and pouring rain from the days before. It was also full of entertainment which made me never want to leave, unfortunately this was our last chance as we had to catch a plane later in the day. We arrived early in the morning before the sun woke up and before the birds started chirping but Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) was already on set. Not too long after all the other stars started to arrive. This was also the day where I finally got to see Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis). It was so surreal seeing everyone before my eyes. Around lunch time Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), Allison Munn (Ms. Lauren), and Cassandra Jean (Missy) came over to take pictures with all the fans who were around. When they left we realized that we didn’t want to leave the park incase other cast members decided to come by. No one did but we offered CMM some pizza, he wouldn’t take any…

This was the best trip of my life and I only have my parents to thank for dealing with my crazy obsession with One Tree Hill and feeding into it so my dreams could come true.

To see pictures from day one go here.


One Tree Hill Filming Day #1

Wilmington, North Carolina or you can just call it Tree Hill. In other words I decided to go on a trip to the set of One Tree Hill to visit the sets, hopefully get to watch some filming and most importantly to meet my favourite stars from the show. After a plane ride and a 2 hour drive from Raleigh we finally made it, even if it was pouring. I had a list of locations with me of places that had been used in the past; Lucas’ house, Peyton’s house, Brooke’s House, Clothes Over Bros/Karen’s Cafe, TRIC etc. The next day we woke up early and got to TRIC where we knew they were filming the wedding reception inside (Episode 6.21). James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) as well as Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James Scott) left right before we got there unfortunately.  Let me just say that waiting in the rain all day long is not fun but I think it made the rest of the cast feel bad for us. After their lunch break Antwon Tanner (Skills), Wilson Vaughn (Fergie), Jackson Brundage (James Lucas Scott) and Austin Nichols (Julian Baker) came over to us and took pictures. When we saw Kate Voegele (Mia Catalano) and Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams) they promised us that if we came back in two hours they’d sign autographs and take pictures but they had to film one more scene first. Thankfully that gave us time for a lunch break. When we returned two hours later Kate and Stephen kept their word and we got to meet them. The cast is full of extremely sweet actors and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity.